Advisers and farmers asked to help shape oat nutrition trials


In July, AHDB invested in a new research project to help improve management of nitrogen and sulphur in oats.

The new project, led by ADAS, looks at some of the uncertainty associated with N rates and timings, including the effect on quality.

To guide the design of winter and spring oats nutrition trials, the researchers need input from advisers and farmers to gauge current management practice.

Two short surveys – one for advisersand one for farmers – have been set up. The surveys look to identify trends in oat production and oat management.

To complete the survey, recent production information for your oat crop is required. For example, the area sown to oats (winter and spring), sowing dates, seed rates, nitrogen and sulphur applications, lodging levels, average yields and specific weight data.

Participants in the survey will play an important role in plugging major gaps in nutrient management for yield and quality in modern, high-yielding oat varieties.

The final results from the project will inform revisions of the AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209).

The surveys close at the end of September.


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