AMATECHNICA 2019 field day 22 May 2019


This Spring sees the opening of AMAZONE’s new training, education and research centre at Orchard Farm, Auckley, Doncaster, DN9 3NW.

Orchard Farm represents a multi-million £ investment in British farming by the Dreyer family, who own the AMAZONE Group, with the new Centre being set in 12 ha of arable cropping that includes demonstration areas and trial plots. And for the launch of this brand new facility, the company is inviting people to attend its AMATECHNICA 2019 technical field day on May 22nd 2019 where the itinerary for the day is as follows:

12 noon: Arrive and register

12.30pm: Lunch & Welcome from the Dreyer family

13.30pm: Product Flyby or Technical Seminar sessions

14.30pm: TechTent, Crop trials and Field demonstrations

16.30pm: Technical Seminar sessions or Product Flyby

17.30pm: Sprayers through the ages

18.00pm: Light supper

Amazone says there has been s a plethora of new machinery being launched over the last couple of years which means the Product Flyby will have a fascinating line up, some of which can be seen for the first time ahead of the Cereals Event and some can be seen working out in the field. And it will not only be cultivation and drilling kit that is out there, the full range of spreaders and sprayers is also on parade.

Interlinked with the machinery demonstration sessions will be a chance to take part in a series of topical technical seminars.  There is a guided tour around Agrovista’s cover crop trials on site, Phillip Wright, a world-leading expert in soil husbandry will be presenting and there is the chance to meet up with Amazone’s partners in the Precision Farming world in the TechTent.

There will also be some ex. demo and shop-soiled equipment available for purchase.

Unfortunately numbers are restricted and entrance is by ticket only, but you can pre-register to join the event at AMATECHNICA 2019 or by ringing Amazone direct on 01302 751200. Alternatively, you can contact your local dealer who is supporting the event and join in with them.



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