Amazone grows its Catros family


Amazon will be on stand R33 at LAMMA showing the Catros+ 12003-2TS.

With its 12 m working width and the possibility to turn on the roller, the Catros+ 12003-2TS is a specialist tool for quick, shallow stubble tillage, creating the ideal conditions for grass weed seeds and volunteers to germinate. This makes it ideal for larger farms and contractors who are looking to cover the ground fast in the fight to control black-grass, or those looking for a shallow disc cultivator to fit in with their 12 m Controlled Traffic system. Despite its impressive working width, it neatly folds down to a com-pact transport width of 3 m as well as sporting a braking system on the transport axle.Four segments make up the working width. Each segment is able to float

Four segments make up the working width. Each segment is able to float independently from each other, using the new ContourFrame, giving excellent contour following. Hydraulic accumulators keep each segment firmly in contact with the ground.

Each of the 510 mm diameter serrated discs, which can work at depths from 5 to 15 cm and use the same tried and tested maintenance-free oil bath bearings that are in use on the rest of the Catros family, are individually suspended via rubber blocks, further improving its ground following characteristics.

Guide wheels at the front ensure that excellent contour following and a relatively short distance between the guide wheels and rear roller means any humps and hol-lows are easily tackled.

For following rollers either the KW 580 wedge ring roller or the new KWM 650 wedge ring roller with Matrix profile, which was seen for the first time at Cereals 2015.

The Catros+ 12003-2TS can be folded down to a 7.0 m working width with the extra weight on the wings aiding penetration.



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