Amazone introduces the new XTender-T trailed hoppe


New from Amazone is the XTender-T, a flexible-application, trailed distribution hopper running on a single axle. The XTender-T has been developed for farms looking to simultaneously apply fertiliser and/or seed in combination with the soil tillage operation via a cultivator or compact disc harrow.

So, the XTender-T, for instance, can be used for the application of a compensation fertiliser to counteract Nitrogen removal by the straw rotting process or for sowing catch crops with or without the addition of a starter fertiliser. Amazone claim that combining these passes with the soil tillage operation means a noticeable enhancement in efficiency.

The XTender is designed for operation behind tractors of up to 600 HP and, thanks to its own running gear, the hopper can be used also behind tractors with only limited lift capacity or no rear linkage at all. The XTender-T is connected to the following cultivator via a standardised either Cat. 3 or 4N lower link cross shaft. Via this linkage system, the XTender-T can also be used in conjunction with implements from other manufacturers. Just the supply pipes to the relevant implement must be made available or matched. As the maximum support load of the linkage is 4,500 kg, the combined operation with bigger machinery on the rear of the XTender-T is also no problem.

The hopper of the XTender-T, which, in its basic design, is available as a single compartment hopper has a capacity of 4,200 l. As option, it is also available with a 50/50 division so that fertiliser and seed, or two different kinds of fertiliser, can be conveyed separately to each other without any problem.

Two easily-accessible, electrically-driven metering units, designed for application rates of 2 to 400 kg/ha, are positioned to the rear of the hopper. The XTender-T is actuated and controlled via ISOBUS so that the machine can be operated via an ISOBUS terminal from Amazone or any other ISOBUS terminal. Amazone, in addition, offers as a special option for the XTender-T, the TwinTerminal 3.0 which is well known from the seed drills as technology that makes calibration and residue emptying as easy as possible for the driver. Thanks to the ISOBUS control, part-area site specific fertiliser application is also possible with the XTender-T.

In addition to the new XTender-T, Amazone has, since last year, already offered the XTender as a linkage-mounted hopper for the tractor three-point hydraulics. With either of these hoppers it means that any soil tillage operation can also be combined with the application of seed and fertiliser.

With its 4,500 kg trailed support load, the XTender-T can also be used for road transport in conjunction with very big soil tillage implements.


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