Amazone offering an additional £400 per row discount off the price of ED seeders


To help celebrate Amazone’s Pearl Anniversary of the ED, they offering up until December 31st 2017, an additional £400 per row discount off the price of the drill leading to savings of up to £3,200 off the normal on-farm price.

Amazone’s ED precision seeders have been around since 1987 with the first 4 row, 3m models quickly followed by the folding K system that folded 6, 8, or even 12 rows, down to 3m for transport.

The company claim the ED metering system revolutionised precision seeding with its low drop height and raised knap holes on the singling discs meaning that the drill could travel much faster and yet still keep that high degree of singling accuracy.

This concept, which has been continually developed and improved on over each generation of seeder, remains very much at the heart of the drill with an ability now to seed maize, sugar beet, rape, as well as beans, pumpkins, soya, watermelon, etc.

The new generation ED, was launched last season. The seed hoppers were increased in capacity to 60 litres to improve work rates and, on top of the SPECIAL conventional mechanical ground wheel drive metering via AMASCAN+, a full hydraulic SUPER metering system was added to give in-cab control of the seed density via an ISOBUS terminal as well. This then offers automatic tramlining rhythm and individual row shut-off via GPS-Switch making the drill ideal for sugar beet and rape seeding.

For those looking to put MAP or DAP down the spout, then there is the option of a large capacity rear-mounted fertiliser hopper which, on the SUPER, has the fertiliser metering driven electrically giving push-button calibration and change-on-the-move rate control. The rear fertiliser hopper can also have an auger fitted for convenient filling. Micro-granular applicators are now possible across all models when using micro-fertiliser for instance. Additionally, the ED can be specified with the front-mounted FPU front tank.

To take advantage of this deal then go to your local Amazone dealer.


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