Amazone offering new AD-P 3001 drill combination from just £21,950


The weather this spring has shown again the flexibility of a power harrow drill combination with its i ability to be able to snatch a few acres here and there on freshly moved ground and yet still give that immaculate germination by a mixture of good reconsolidation, perfect planting depth control and excellent seed/soil contact.

Amazone claim its AD-P Special 3001 pneumatic drill combination will give the operator enhanced comfort and more permutations of power harrow and consolidation roller.

The drill comes with a choice of hoppers – either 850 litres that can be extended up to 1,100 litres or, alternatively, a 1250 litre hopper that can be boosted to 1,500 litres. Coulter options are the WS suffolk on a 12.5cm row spacing or the RoTeC single disc coulters on either 12.5 cm and 15 cm spacing. The segmented distribution head enables up to 6 rows each side to be isolated for tramlining. row stoppers can be used to widen the row spacing and, on the ISOBUS option, electric half-side shut-off can be carried out from the tractor seat or via GPS section control.

The full electric metering system can be controlled and monitored either by the AmaDrill+ in-cab terminal or, at extra cost, by an ISOBUS terminal.

New to the AD-P Special this year is the KWM matrix wedge ring roller as well as the light land TRW trapezium ring rollers to go alongside the existing 500 mm & 600 mm steel packers, the CDW cracker disc roller and the KW 580 wedge ring roller.

For those looking at affordability, then it is worth looking at one of the AD-P 3001 ecoSPECIAL combinations.  Mounted on the new KE3001 Super rotary harrow, which are rated to 180 HP, with ratchet clutch PTO and 500 mm steel packer roller with hard-faced scrapers and levelling board now mounted on the packer, the new 850 litre capacity drill comes with full electric drive, segmented distribution head and a choice of WS suffolk coulters or RoTeC single discs as part of the package.

These drills are available on farm at a special price of £21,950 on WS suffolk coulters or £23,950 with RoTeC discs. Other power harrows, options, control systems and packer rollers are available on request.


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