Amazone showcases new kit at Tillage-Live 2016


Amazone used this year’s Tillage-Live event, that took place yesterday, at Monks Kirby, Lutterworth to get a ruck of new kit dirty. Visitors could see a mixture of brand-new drilling, cultivation and spraying equipment working in the field for the first time in public.

In the world of cultivation, the 12 metre Catros 12003-2TS compact disc harrow and KWM Matrix wedge ring roller worked up a head of steam ahead of the Cenius 4003-2TX mulch cultivator. The Cenius TX comes equipped with the new DW600 disc rollers and 40mm C-Mix deep working low disturbance tines and, to tidy up afterwards, is the new Cayron 200VS-100 auto reset 5 furrow plough which, on this heavy land site, is ideal for showing off not only the hydraulic stone release system but also the new W35 helical mouldboard which has that bit more twist on the inversion in this heavier going.

The mounted Cenius cultivators now feature the C-Mix stone release system off the trailed mulch cultivator range and this new 3m Cenius Super at Tillage is also being put through its paces today.

Drill-wise it was a ‘grain and fertiliser’ theme, as combine drilling slowly becomes the norm again for both winter and spring cereal establishment. For a trailed option, the new Cirrus 4003-2C grain and fertiliser drill was working for the first time and the Cayena tine seeder, a drilling system that offers superb low disturbance is also in ‘C’ mode with a split tank for both seed and a starter fertiliser down the spout. For those more conventional farmers, and to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first power harrow drill combination, the new ISOBUS AD-P Special drill combination was also tootling up and down at the side of the Fosse Way.

For the sprayers the event gave farmers the chance to catch up on the latest nozzle control technology with both AmaSelect and AmaSwitch being used in the sprayer demo area.

Tillage-Live is one of the unique events that offered an opportunity to sit in the seat yourself and drive one of the full range of mounted, trailed or self-propelled Amazone sprayers.



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