Amazone uses Cereals as launch pad for new kit


Amazone will be using Cereals as a major launch pad for a wide range of new kit and this year’s stand can be found, as usual, in the corner of the Sprays & Sprayer arena.

The new 3 metre working width Cataya conventional power harrow drill combination goes a long way to bridge the gap between pneumatic metering systems and the conventional seed drill with its new 1270 litre seed hopper that sports a favourable centre of gravity to keep the tractor lift capacity requirement at a minimum. Filling is quick and easy with the wide hopper opening and a lid profile that is designed to prevent spills.

The seed set-up, calibration and seed emptying functions are all controlled from a
centralised operator station found to the left hand side of the drill in easy reach of the tractor cab. The electric metering system can be operated through the ISOBUS terminal in the cab or via the optional TwinTerminal 3.0 down on the drill.

The TwinTerminal means that all the drill set-up can be done at ground level negating the need to go backwards and forwards in and out of the cab during calibration. The flick over to calibration and the positioning of the trays is from this one side.

The ISOBUS machine ECU comes as standard with TaskController TC-BAS, TC-GEO and TC-SC for full documentation transfer and Section Control as well as sup-porting all AUX-N functions for tractor joystick operation. The drill can be controlled either by one of the AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals or via a third-party controller.

The Cataya seed drills are mounted onto the redesigned Series 1 power harrows and rotary cultivators which feature new easy-adjust side plates, parallelogram guided depth control for the tine depth and a roller mounted levelling board. A new range of wheel track eradicator tines are also now available. Seed placement accuracy is aided by the choice of packer roller behind the power harrow with the existing 580 mm wedge ring roller and 600mm steel packer rollers being joined by new 500 or 600 mm trapezium profile rollers as well as the 600 mm Matrix tyre profile wedge ring roller already seen on the Catros compact disc harrows.

Amazone’s Catros compact disc harrow range has been further extended. The existing range is supplemented at the top and the bottom by 6 new models of either mounted or trailed compact disc harrow. The concept of creating an early stale seedbed directly behind the combine by shallow working stubbles with a purpose-built tool that ensures full surface disturbance yet at a minimal depth of soil movement is fast becoming one of the main drivers in grass weed control.

The introduction of the smaller 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 metre rigid Catros Special helps provide this type of specialist cultivation tool at a price which is affordable to the smaller grower. The Catros Special is available in either a 460mm smooth disc option for shallow stubble chitting work or as the Catros+ Special with a 510mm serrated disc for areas of heavier organic matter levels such as for grass-land renovation or after cover crops or maize stubbles.

Completing the range at the upper end is the all-new Catros+ 7003/8003/9003-2TX trailed harrows in 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 metre working widths respectively and which then fill in the gap between the Catros 6002-2 and the 12.0 m Catros+ 12003-2TS.



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