Argo Tractors will have a comprehensive line-up of tractors at the SIMA 2019 show


The Tier 4 Final versions of the Landini 6C Series tractors – the 6-125C, 6-135C and 6-145C are available with Powershift and VT-Drive (stepless) transmissions. The addition of a DOC (diesel oxidising catalyst) and a more sophisticated SCR system are the only changes needed to meet the emissions rules.

Landini’s impressive exhibition line-up features the REX 4 Model Year 2019.  Sporting an original metallic blue livery and matt black wheel rims, Landini REX 4 has won the favour of both the public and experts, among other things when it was selected as a finalist for the Tractor of the Year Award 2019 in category “Best of Specialized”. It won the Technical Innovation Award at EIMA thanks to its Advanced Driving System, a project that enhances comfort so that operators can focus on the job ahead rather than on driving the vehicle.

The hybrid driver assist system uses mechatronic solutions to assist operators in manoeuvring both in field and road operations, that makes steering stiffer as a function of speed and causes the wheels to return to the central position automatically after a turn.

The ADS also guarantees full connection to satellite guidance, memorisation and control of wheel positions during slope and in-furrow operation, and offsets the effects of external stresses on steering accuracy.

REX 4 is available in 6 models in version F and in the newly added version S, featuring a narrower cab to facilitate operation between rows of wide-crowned trees, whereas cab versions GT and V come in 5 different models. Power outputs range from 70 up to 112 hp, with 2.9-litre Deutz AG engines equipped with EGR & DOC exhaust gas treatment system with no DPF and regeneration.

Versatility and compact design make Landini Series 2 ideal for use in orchards/vineyards, greenhouse horticulture, open-field and municipal operations. The range includes three models with 44, 48 and 51hp power outputs delivered by Yanmar TNV Naturally Aspirated and Turbo-Charged 4-cylinder engines. The basic transmission (12FW+12RV) can be supplemented with creeper at request to achieve 16FW+16RV total ratios. In line with the new construction standards, the instrumentation is simple and intuitive. The contemporary 4-post cab with the ergonomic controls provides good vision for easy handling. Operator comfort is enhanced by an optional powerful air conditioning system.

The unique features of Landini Series 4 in terms of power, compact design and versatility, guarantee excellent productivity in many different applications, both in open-field and row-crop operations. The series features six models: 4-095, 4-100 and 4-110 feature 4-cylinder turbocharged 3.6-litre Common Rail Deutz Tier 4 Interim engines with 90, 99 and 107 hp, as well as three more models (4-070 / 4-080 / 4-090) with 69, 75 and 88 hp, equipped with 2.9-litre Deutz Tier 4 final engines.

Landini Series 4D, 2 and 4 wheel drive, available in platform and cab versions. All 4-070D, 4-080D and 4-090D models feature Deutz Tier 4 Final engines with a 2.9-litre displacement and maximum power outputs of 70, 75 and 88 HP. The mechanical transmission has been developed and manufactured in Italy by Argo Tractors and features 4 gears and 3 speed ranges (with optional 300 m/h creeper).

Landini Series 5 is the new generation of versatile open-field Medium Utility tractors suitable for any type of operations. Available models 100, 110 and 120 are equipped with 4-cylinder 16-valve Deutz AG Turbo Intercooler 3.6-litre engines, with power outputs up to 113 hp and compliant with Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Interim emission levels simply thanks to the EGR + DOC systems.

Landini Series 6C is focused on design, comfort and productivity. It is available in three models equipped with FPT-NEF 4.5-litre engines featuring the innovative SCR + DOC (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system for compliance with the Tier4 Final standard.

The Dual Power system increases power output up to 121, 133 and 140 HP, respectively, to use the PTO and in transport. In terms of aesthetics, Series 6C adopts the recent design concept of the Landini family, with compact design, and a four-post cabin offering unique, car-style comfort levels. In terms of technology, the highlights are the T-Tronic 36+12 or 48+16 transmission (3 Powershift gears and creeper), the electronically controlled rear lift with 6000 kg capacity, the (optional) 4-speed PTO and the hydraulic system featuring 66 litre/min. capacity in the standard version and 110 l/min. capacity in the closedcentre (LS) version.



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