Austrian manufacturer expands Eurocult II cultivator range


Austrian manufacturer of tillage equipment AGRI FARM Maschinenbau GesmbH has expanded its range of Eurocult II cultivators.

To cope with extremely wet conditions or after the application of liquid manure or biogas substrate, the implement also comes without rollers. Depth guidance is carried out by 4 hydraulically adjustable supporting wheels, which are integrated into an extended frame. They are mounted between the 3rd and 4th row of tines.

The universal Eurocult II can be used for stubble breaking, tilling of cover crop, elimination of weeds, working in slurry and manure, and for seedbed preparation.

A fine and uniform mixing of the crop residues is achieved by the 5 rows of strong spring tines (70x12mm). The standard version of the cultivator has two rows of cage rollers, which crush and reconsolidate the ground.

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