AVR builds new Lynx elevator harvester


As a trailed elevator harvester, AVR claim the Lynx is unique in the market. A two-row harvester it can do both in-line and off-set harvesting and is entirely hydraulically driven.

There is a choice of three different types of cleaning module: pintle belt, pintle belt/cross roller set or pintle belt/Varioweb and the Varioweb application – well known from the Puma 3 self-propelled harvester.

The machine operates completely hydraulically and rides on wide tyres, which guarantees low soil pressure and makes the machine easy to pull.

The Lynx is aimed at the seedling market on heavy soil.  Most components can be controlled hydraulically from the tractor: steering wheels, machine level, digging unit up/down, hydraulic digging unit depth (option), (automatic) drawbar steering, Varioweb in/out, pintlebelt inclination, elevator cylinders, emptying the supply belt and elevator, inclination of the axial rollers (option).

When needed, the drawbar can easily be shifted hydraulically, creating an off-set harvester. In that case, the tractor can be equipped with wide tires.

Thanks to the automatic drawbar steering (default), the steering is completely taken over. This assures a perfectly ergonomic way of controlling and steering the machine.

The AVR digging unit is characterized by its wide intake, large haulm intake rollers and plastic diabolos. The central depth setting can be adjusted using a simple spindle (optional hydraulic depth setting via display). The oscillating digging unit and the automatic row following system ensure that the ridges are followed meticulously, especially in case of off-set harvesting.

Its asymmetrical frame provides for a perfect view on the harvester from the tractor. You can follow the entire harvesting trajectory, from uptake to deposit in the car. All hydraulic and electrical components have thereby been eliminated on the side of the machine. Thanks to the digging unit’s open construction, the crops are transported smoothly. In addition to practical comfort during maintenance and repairs, this also promotes the design of the machine. This is a nice machine to work with in every respect.

The Lynx is constructed modularly, which means that for one frame, three types of cleaning modules can be opted for. Because of this, the machine can easily be adjusted to the applicable growing and harvesting circumstances. For heavy soils, axial rollers (in Varioweb) can be opted for. The advantage of this confi guration is that for vulnerable potatoes or easily sievable soil, the axial rollers can be taken out of the product flow. If no axial rollers are needed, the cleaning module can be replaced with a rubberized rod belt.


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