Beyne NV resumes production of disc harrows: TerraDiscPro


Belgian manufacturer Beyne will be resuming the production of the TerraDiscPro disc harrows previously manufactured by Vogel&Noot and the full range of fixed, drawn and folding machines will once again be available. The first to be offered are the disc harrows with a width of 3 m, 3,5 m and de folding units of 5 m.

The TerraDiscPro was one of Vogel&Noot.s most successful cultivators produced in Europe, and had a reputation for excellent performance, value and reliability.

Beyne’s long-standing experience in the manufacture of high quality agricultural machines is a legacy that should ensure the TerraDiscPro will be competitively priced and meet the same stringent product requirements.

Production of these disc harrows will be resumed using exactly the same options and components and machines will be sold through the existing Beyne dealer network.

Also, former Vogel&Noot-dealers are also being offered the opportunity redistribute the machines. All spare parts for the TerraDiscpro, including wearing parts, will once again be available.

Beyne is confident about the expansion and is planning to add more new products shortly to the range.



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