‘Bolt on’ options from Dale Drills at LAMMA


Dale Drills are showing new ‘bolt on’ options for their range of Eco drills at LAMMA. The drills are designed to drill direct, min-till or conventional seedbeds and comes as standard with variable row spacing from 25cm to 12.5cm. Dale claim this is the narrowest row space offered by a direct drill manufacturer.

The cover crop cutting disc kit provides users with a straight disc which can be mounted in front of tines to ‘cut’ a path through cover crop residues. The company report that existing users have seen reduced disturbance as well as the ability to drill through significant levels of residue.

A banded coulter has been developed to reduce the unsown area when drilling at 10 inch row spacing. The coulter spreads seed in a 7.5cm band. Users can also apply fertiliser which is placed approximately 2cm deeper and down the middle of the band. Made from durable boron steel, the coulter is fitted with tungsten carbide tiles and is designed to bolt straight onto Dale’s existing carbide tipped legs.

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