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The Big Soil Community sampling window is now open and includes a free Nemtode test.

Sustainable profitability of your crops is dependent on the health of your soils. But there has been limited options to measure, monitor and manage until now.

Fera’s Big Soil Community (BSC) was launched in 2018 to specifically address this and since then a growing number of farmers have been able to look at things differently by making more informed in field decisions. These insights could allow for more accurate crop protection and nutrient application timings and planning, greater prediction on pest and disease pressures as well as informing on the overall health of your soil composition. It’s about having the knowledge to make better decisions to improve profitability and productivity in every field.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to one agronomist, Andy Barker who joined the Big Soil Community last year:

‘As an agronomist, I was more than happy to be part of last year’s Big Soil Community and support this vitally important research in to soil ‘health’. I see this as a critical component in developing more sustainable agriculture and efficient farming practices that will ultimately increase profitability.  By having access to analytical and laboratory based results via the reports is of considerable benefit.  With constructive and rapidly developing science behind future recommendations, this will result in more profitable and sustainable crop production, which is why I will be participating again this year.’

Participate in Fera’s Big Soil Community (BSC) and join the growing number of farmers who are learning how to grow better crops, adapt to climate change and other environmental variables by knowing more about their soils health.

*Nematode test – taxonomic identification of selected nematode populations





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