Bridgestone introduces new VT-Combine harvester tyre


Bridgestone has expanded its range of high-performance, premium agricultural tyres with the launch of the all-new VT-COMBINE tyre.

Designed specifically for Cyclic Field Operations (CFO), with Improved Flexion (IF), VT-COMBINE offers 20% more load compared with conventional standard tyres (ETRTO standards).

Bridgestone says this new tyre gives farmers additional speed during CFO, 15 km/h instead of the 10km/h for conventional tyres, resulting in efficient use of time during the most critical period of the farming cycle. With its high load capacities, excellent traction thanks to the new patented involute lug design, durability, comfort and lower soil compaction, the VT-COMBINE can help farmers boost their productivity while protecting topsoil.

Mark Sanders, General Manager Agricultural/Original Equipment and Replacement at Bridgestone Europe, said: “During harvest, farmers and agricultural contractors are under the greatest pressure to get things done quickly and efficiently. This is why we are excited about the launch of this revolutionary harvester tyre. Trial versions of VT-COMBINE have been tested on three continents for three full seasons with an overwhelmingly positive response. By allowing high payloads at lower inflation pressure and with a larger tyre footprint, in line with the strict IF CFO standard, the Bridgestone VT-COMBINE enables farmers to minimise soil compaction across a wide range of harvesting conditions. This will secure high yields through future cropping cycles.”

The new tyre has been developed specifically to give stability and traction on steep sloping terrain. It can also be used at lower inflation pressures, offering farmers a load bonus of up to 55% (IF CFO standard).

Designed for combine harvesters, the VT-COMBINE is also well suited to a variety of other types of harvesting machinery, including forage harvesters, potato and sugar beet harvesters and is currently available in 11 sizes.

The VT-COMBINE is the latest agricultural tyre developed according to Bridgestone’s Soil Care principle. Aiming to strike the right balance between boosting farming efficiency and protecting the environment, the “Soil Care by Bridgestone” label is synonymous with tyres that help farmers boost sustainable productivity.



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