Bristow’s show multi tooth rolls split level subsoiler combination on–show in Fields of the Future at Cereals


Peter Bristow farmer, engineer, designer and Inventor exhibited his new Concept Rape Drill subsoiler combination at Cereals. It was designed to improve the problems farmers encounter and to improve cost savings and yields when trying to establish our rape crops.

With ex-farm prices for OSR rising around 40% in the past year, continued pressure from pests, strong establishment is vital and Bristow may have found the key to getting this crop off to a better start.

Some of the problems farmers face each year are difficulties in producing good seed beds due to lack of good consolidation leaving open slots and air pockets, unable to get good seed to soil contact which means difficulty in retaining moisture. Consequently results often are an uneven establishment having to wait for a further rain which can result in loss of seed to plant percentage and slow vigour which gives more time for the flee beetle and slugs to damage the young plants and slow tap root growth which is important during autumn.

The subsoiler’s angled discs are designed to lift the soil opposite each other retaining the soil and flat rolling under extreme pressure which presses the soil flat, retaining the moisture and preventing further drying out at the point of drilling. Bristow says it gives excellent seed to soil contact with no open air pockets which makes it difficult for slugs to get to the seed to take the chit.

Steel precision roll under extreme pressure seals the moisture in retained soil at point of drilling.



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