Case IH highlights new precision farming developments at SIMA


Case IH unveiled a number of developments to its range of precision farming technologies at SIMA 2017, including AccuTurn, a new option which automates the process of turning on the headland and entering the next chosen pass.

AccuTurn, automates the headland turn process and guides tractors accurately into the next chosen pass. Activated by pressing a button, AccuTurn controls headland steering, entering the chosen next pass cleanly and accurately.

It works with and enhances the existing AccuGuide auto-steering system by ensuring the entry to each new pass is as precise as possible and helping relieve the driver’s workload. AccuTurn works with both trailed and mounted implements, and the tractor operator is able to adjust parameters such as headland width, the shape of the curve when turning or the starting point for the turn. The distance until the headland turn begins is displayed on the AFS terminal screen. AccuTurn is activated with an unlock code available at cost from the user’s local dealership, and can be implemented on all previous AccuGuide systems working via AFS 700 monitors. The feature will be available to order from the beginning of Q2 2017.

Also new is the elimination of the need for the driver to count the number of tramlines when drilling, courtesy of new 3D field maps displayed on the AFS 700 terminal. Passes in which a tramline was set, or needs to be set, are colour-coded. The improved tramline management now makes it possible to make simultaneous use of swath skipping and tramline functions, and the new feature helps avoid tramline errors which can affect application accuracy and be visible until harvest.



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