CLAAS launches new JAGUAR 900 model series


The JAGUAR 900 model series from CLAAS has been enhanced and is now available with many new equipment features.

These include a continuously variable front attachment drive, a further enhanced crop flow system, redesigned running gear and the CLAAS auto fill system for loss-free offloading to the side and rear.

The all-hydraulic continuously variable front attachment drive enables power transmission at varying speeds. This is particularly advantageous when harvesting with the pick up and the Orbis maize front attachment. If the chop length changes, the system automatically makes a corresponding adjustment to the front attachment speed. Furthermore, the operator can react to changing harvest conditions at any time by manually adjusting the automatically controlled front attachment speed.

The constant-speed mechanical drive can now also be combined with the continuously variable drive. This split-power variant with mechanical and hydraulic drive provides high power transmission at a constant speed.

All new JAGUAR 900 models also have an enhanced crop flow system. One of its key features is the hydraulic clamping system for the shear bar which allows the shear bar to be adjusted considerably faster than before.

The new models also work with an automatically adjustable drum concave. The drum concave is attached directly to the mounting block and another pivot point and is automatically moved with the shear bar when the latter is adjusted. This means that the distance between the concave and the chopper knives remains constant over the entire length of the drum concave, thereby ensuring an even crop flow, regardless of the condition of the knives. Furthermore, this arrangement saves fuel and reduces wear.

All JAGUAR 900 models are now equipped as standard with the cruise pilot forward travel control.

CLAAS is offering three JAGUAR model series for the 2017 the familiar JAGUAR 800 series (Type 496), the existing JAGUAR 900 series (Type 497) and the new JAGUAR 900 series (Type 498).



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