Claydon Drills are exhibiting at Tillage-Live


Claydon Drills will be exhibiting three of its latest products at the Tillage Live event, which takes place at Monks Kirby, Warwickshire on Wednesday 14 September. These include the new 6m Claydon TerraStar shallow cultivator and 4m Claydon Hybrid T4 trailed drill, which will be working alongside a 7.5m Claydon Straw Harrow.

The new 6m Claydon TerraStar is a 6m shallow cultivator which uses two banks of cross-blade rotors to generate an ideal tilth in which volunteers and weeds can germinate rapidly, while assisting with slug control, drainage and the incorporation of manures. Costing from £15,000 + VAT, it can also be used as a mechanical weeder, multiple passes reducing the need for glyphosate.

The TerraStar moves less soil than normal tine cultivators or disc-type implements, but slightly more than a Claydon Straw Harrow. Daily output behind a 110kW-plus (150hp) tractor, which is required to achieve the 15 kp/h forward speed (9.3mph) needed for optimum results, is approximately 90ha (225 acres), while fuel use is minimal at approximately 3 litres/ha (1¼ litres/acre).

The TerraStar’s 68 rotating ‘star’ points pluck 80mm-square divots from the top layer of soil on a 200mm grid pattern to create a shallow cultivation effect, the thousands of miniature soil plugs which are produced forming a fine surface tilth and levelling the field whilst leaving the surface intact. The uncultivated area between the 80mm divots helps to support the weight of following machinery and increases tyre grip, as well as generating ideal conditions for a Claydon Hybrid drill to operate.

The Claydon Straw Harrow and stubble management tool, which rakes out and destroys weeds while reducing slug populations, can then be used to create a micro tilth in the top 30mm of soil. Straw Harrowing breaks off growing plants at the germinating stage and one-leaf point of growth, which eliminates the need to spray while ground conditions allow this to take place.

“Effective stubble management is a basic ingredient of any successful, sustainable farming enterprise, regardless of which crop establishment method is used, particularly if you direct drill,” says Jeff Claydon, the Suffolk Farmer who invented the Claydon System of crop establishment. This enables crops to be established with a lower capital investment, in 20% of the time and at 30% of the cost of a conventional plough-based approach, while compared with a typical minimum tillage system it generates 50% time and cost savings, together with yield improvements. It also provides a range of agronomic, environmental and wildlife related benefits, including significant improvements in soil structure, organic matter and earthworm populations, together with reduced carbon sequestration and a better habitat for wildlife.

The new Claydon Hybrid T4 builds on the success of the company’s existing 6m Hybrid T6 and 8m Hybrid T8 trailed drills. Delivering seed only or a combination of seed and fertiliser, it will sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across the widest range of soils, conditions and crops.

The Hybrid T4 can be adapted to whatever the customer requires. They can specify the standard tine set-up, have a twin-tine option instead of the rear seeding tine, choose to have fertiliser placed down the front or rear tine, can replace the leading tine with a cutting disc, or alternatively replace the seeding tine with the twin-tine kit and the leading tine with a twin cutting disc. This enables them to handle any establishment situation with just one drill and at a much lower level of capital investment.



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