Claydons new addition at Cereals 2019


Direct Strip Seeding technology specialists Claydon Drills showed the latest addition to the companies drill range, the new 6m OptiTill® T6c compact trailed drill.

The new Claydon Hybrid T6c drill is the latest development of the Claydon OptiTill® System. Over 20% lighter and more compact than Claydon’s Hybrid T6 model, the T6c combines the high output of a 6m seeding platform with the nimble handling characteristics and manoeuvrability of the 4m T4 trailed design on which it is based.

Capable of drilling around 45ha per day behind a 300hp (223kW) tractor, this model is designed to appeal to farmers in the UK and other countries who value the combination of lower cost and greater manoeuvrability over ultimate hopper capacity and output.

Carried on the lower link arms, the T6c features a fully floating seeding chassis, which follows field contours exactly, ensuring accurate seeding depth under all conditions. It does this regardless of the weight in the hopper, which is carried on a separate frame supported on centrally mounted depth wheels that run on clean, dry, uncultivated ground to avoid capping and compaction.

Hopper capacity is 3500-litres, double that of Claydon’s 6m mounted drill, the T6c weighs approximately 7900kg unladen, compared with 9000kg for the T6. The hopper can be used for seed only or divided 60:40 between seed and fertiliser for combination drilling.

The T6c uses 38mm-diameter pipes to transport seed and fertiliser from the hopper to the tines. The T6c will sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across the widest range of soils, conditions and crops.

19 individually adjustable tungsten carbide leading tines reduce compaction and aerate the soil. They also optimise drainage, form tilth for the seeding zone and create a uniform seeding depth. The following seeding tines create additional tilth and place the seed at the ideal depth, above the drainage channel. Claydon say the system encourages very deep, complex rooting structures to develop quickly, which minimises soil erosion and produces stronger, healthier crops with optimum yield potential.

The new drill can be adapted to suit different crops and conditions. They can have the standard tine set-up with a variety of coulter and seeding boot options, with fertiliser placement down the front or rear tine. Shouldered front cutting discs come as standard or press wheels can be specified. At the rear, the double toolbar can be equipped with a range of press wheel, board and harrow configurations to fully cover the seed and leave the soil smooth and level. The T6c folds to 2.97m for transport and standard features include single-point depth control, a stainless-steel Kverneland metering system and an ISOBUS compatible RDS Artemis control system, which provides tramlining and variable seed rate capability. The specification also includes a hydraulically driven fan; Claydon-designed distribution heads for improved flow and seeding accuracy, together with a tramline kit and hopper cover.

Options include a vision kit, which incorporates work lights and cameras so that the operator can monitor the drill from the tractor cab, GPS variable-rate seeding, blockage sensors, pre-emergence markers and brakes.



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