Distag QCS introduce the Powerbrake-RT.


Distag QCS (UK) has launched a combined high powered handbrake and breakaway unit which can be fitted to just about any trailer.

Called the Powerbrake-RT it has no electronics or hydraulics and is a low maintenance and cost effective solution, designed to provide 3.5 times the braking power of a conventional handbrake.

In the event of a breakaway, the connection between the unit and the trailer is engineered to separate under a fixed force, thus halting the trailer and preventing serious damage and injuries. The simple bolt-on design means the Powerbrake-RT can be mounted to the trailer chassis, drawbar, or elsewhere between tractor and trailer axle.

Distag have produced a video, showing the Powerbrake, in operation, which can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODBT_6r2oZ0&t=6s

A failsafe breakaway system, whilst not yet a legal requirement in the UK, is a mandatory in most European countries. Even in the UK, after a series of high profile accidents, Powerbrake is starting to appear as original equipment, on trailers and implements, where the manufacturers acknowledge that it is a small investment for the safety benefits derived.
Originally designed for OEM-fitting by trailer and implement manufacturers, the Powerbrake-RT can also be retrofitted to any braked trailer.

Distag MD, Joe Deacon, commented, “Powerbrake is an innovative, cost-effective solution to an increasingly worrying problem. It provides a highly effective breakaway device, as well as a fiercely powerful handbrake mechanism – a small price to pay for a genuinely safe option”.


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