Drill Maize (& other crops) At Speed With Monoshox


Monosem’s ‘Monoshox’ coulter damping system enables its planters to drill maize and a range of crops at speed, maintaining accurate depth and spacing while still achieving excellent seed to soil contact and was recently on display at Cereals.

The system uses an automotive style shock absorber to supplement the metal bushed, parallelogram linkage and twin springs currently used to protect the coulter against shocks.

This new design is the result of the company’s 40 years’ experience, allied with feedback from customers around the world, including the UK, says Steve Twist, from Toucan Farm Machinery Ltd, Monosem’s UK importer:

“Monosem has been developing the NG Plus Double Disc coulter with neighbouring depth control wheel design of maize drill continually since the 1980s and this is the fifth version of the original unit.

“When we asked existing users what their priority was for the future they said they wanted to be able to sow more crops at higher speeds, without detriment to planting accuracy. This new design offers that higher speed, while maintaining the consistent spacing and depth of sowing associated with the unit”.

“It ensures totally accurate placement of the seed – both in terms of distribution in the row and sowing depth – so crops emerge quickly and evenly, which simplifies all subsequent crop management, minimising costs while maximising yields, which offers the best profitability.

“As with a car wheel, the shock loadings grow as speed increases. The shock absorber complements the existing pressure springs, and dampens the rapid movements that occur when working faster, maintaining a quicker and more consistent soil surface contact and maintaining precise depth control.

“The planter has already proven its ability to sow a wide range of crops including maize, sugar beet, oilseed rape, beans and cereals in markets across the world, and many British growers are enquiring about it”.

Monosem offers a wide range of drill frame designs available – from two to 18 rows – with mounted, parallel (horizontal) folding and trailed models available.

All drills are custom built to the buyer’s needs, with a full range of optional fertiliser and granule insecticide equipment, seed monitors, mechanical or electric drive, and current Isobus systems being available.



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