Electric tractor designed for sustainable agriculture built in Holland.


A Multi Tool Trac tractor developed jointly with seven Dutch CTF farmers has been specifically designed to carry out Controlled Traffic Farming.

The tractor has a complete electrical powertrain, on the fly adjustment of track width, great manoeuvrability, five positions for all common tools and agricultural equipment and four wheel steering. Implements can be mounted in front of, behind or under the frame and harvested produce and other goods can be transported on the frame.

The MultiTool Trac is custom built to farmers specifications. Its sophisticated GPS-Steering, supported by RTK, ensures the tractor always uses the same tracks in the field. It has a small turning circle and gives an in field track width of 3.00 meters while on-road it can be reduced to 2.25 for driving on narrow country lanes.

The Dutch designed tractor is built by Machinefabriek Boessenkool, Wissels Techniek and Van Ham Organisatie & Advies, partners in the Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group.

Multi tool tractor


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