Excellent all-round performance on road and in the field


Cheshire farmer and agricultural contractor Rob Briscoe has specified Trelleborg on both the main tractors he has purchased new during the last few years because of their excellent all-round performance and long life.

Trelleborg are excellent all-round tyres for field work and on the road, says farmer and agricultural contractor Rob Briscoe from Cheshire in England, who in January 2018 took delivery of his latest new tractor to be fitted with the brand.

Rob’s family have been at Lower House Farm, Tarporley, since 1945, when his grandfather took over the tenancy of the farm, which was owned by the Ardenne Estate.

Two years later he purchased the farm when the estate was sold and 45-year-old Rob is the third generation to have farmed the land – for the last 12 years in partnership with his father as T & R Briscoe.

A dairy unit until 1989, when it was turned over to beef, the farm has focused on arable production since the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) crisis of the 1990s.

Consisting of 350 acres of medium to heavy loam soils, it now produces 110 acres of winter wheat, 40 acres of winter barley, 80 acres of spring barley, 50 acres of oilseed rape and 40 acres of spring beans, the balance being grassland.  Crops are established using a plough-based system, except for oilseed rape.

Rob also operates an agricultural contracting business, which he started prior to joining the family farming partnership and now works mainly for mixed farms in this strong dairying area.

Among the services he offers are ploughing with a five-furrow Pottinger Servo 45S reversible, min-till using a Pottinger Terradisc, combination drilling with a 3 meter Amazone AD-P 3000 Special and Amazone power harrow, together with fertiliser spreading using the latest Kuhn Axis 40.2 M-EMC-W, which can operate at up to 36 meters.

Ninety-eight per cent of the work is carried out with the New Holland T7.210 Auto Command, which was purchased new in January 2018.

Extreme wet weather throughout the winter combined with extreme rainfall during early spring meant that the new tractor sat in the shed for almost three months, but when conditions did improve it was used flat-out for fertiliser spreading, then spring drilling, maize ground ploughing and in May for pulling a silage trailer.

By mid-June the tractor had already clocked up 520 hours in just three months, Rob Briscoe explains.

“The T7.210 replaced our previous 155hp New Holland T6080, which we bought new in 2010 and specified on Trelleborg tyres.

“By the time we sold it after seven years the tractor had done 7500 hours and was still on its original tyres. They were starting to show their age with a few small splits here and there, which is hardly surprising, but at least 30 per cent of the tread remained.

“We don’t do that much road work, but the furthest farm where we work is 15 miles away, so I thought that was excellent.

“When we ordered the T7.210 it cost an additional amount to specify Trelleborg over the basic tyres that the tractor would have come on as standard, but we didn’t want to risk compromising the tractor’s performance by not having them.

“I’d spoken to several farmers and contractors about their experiences with other premium tyres and several criticised them for wearing rapidly. Trelleborg had performed so well on our T6080 that deciding to specify them on the new tractor was a no-brainer.”

Rob’s key requirements when choosing a tyre are excellent wear characteristics, the ability to run at low pressures for field work and to carry heavy loads at low pressure, particularly when fertiliser spreading as the spreader can carry 3200kgs.

Ride comfort when travelling on the road is also important, as experience of operating tractors on non-premium tyres with stiff sidewalls highlighted their exceptionally poor ride quality, which Rob likens to driving on tyres filled with bricks.

The New Holland T7.210 is fitted with Trelleborg TM800 tyres, 650/65 R38 at the rear, 540/65 R28 on the front axle, the pressures in each being varied to suit the job, typically 18psi in the rears, 10psi in the fronts for fertiliser spreading and top work.

Developed for high powered tractors, the TM800 has a footprint which is larger than its premium competitors, both at the nominal pressure of 1.6 bar (22.5 psi) and at 0.6 bar (8.5 psi). This enables the TM800 to deliver outstanding performance, both in the field and on the road.

‘D’ rated, the TM800 can be used at speeds of up to 65 km/h on the road at the nominal pressure, with excellent stability, handling, comfort and tyre life.

In the field, the TM800’s extra-large tread pattern offers maximum performance and enables it to carry very heavy loads at very low pressures, which results in much reduced soil compaction, improved productivity and higher crop yields.

“Minimising compaction is a major consideration, so we use the right type of premium tyres for our situation and operate them at the correct pressures,” Rob explains.

“The shape of the TM800’s tread pattern gives it good grip, with excellent flotation and minimum damage to the soil surface, which is very important when spreading fertiliser on arable crops and grassland.

“Overall, Trelleborg are excellent all-rounders, whether in the field or on the road.”



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