Extended family of Polysulphate fertilisers on show at Croptec


A comprehensive range of Polysulphate-based fertilisers will be on show at the 2019 Croptec event. Mined under the Cleveland coast in the North Yorkshire National park at the world’s only commercial polyhalite mine, operated by ICL UK.

PolysulphateTM is a product naturally derived from polyhalite which is mined in the UK by ICL. Two further products based on PolysulphateTM, launched at Croptec in 2018, has proved a success with agronomists and farmers across the UK.

“Our first year of PotashpluS sales exceeded our expectations and the feedback from customers and farmers has been really positive,” said Howard Clark, Sales and Marketing Director of ICL UK Sales Limited. “Our agronomy trials programme, which includes our own and independent trials, shows all Polysulphate-based products performed as well and often better than traditional products.”

ICL has gathered so much information on the importance of sulphur use and its products across a wide range of crops that it hosted its first technical conference for researchers and agronomists on the day before Croptec.

The three products on show at Croptec are:

ICL Polysulphate, is a naturally occurring mineral. Due to its complexed crystal structure, it is like no other fertiliser as it releases its nutrients to the crop over an extended period of time which allows the crop to take them up as needed. Farmers are benefiting from this more efficient way of delivering nutrients, especially Sulphate, and it is very cost-effective.

Polysulphate contains four key macro plant nutrients: sulphur; potassium; magnesium; and calcium.  As a natural product it is organically approved and has clear environmental advantages with a CO2 footprint of 0.033 kg CO2 e /kg. The lowest footprint of any equivalent fertiliser. It is also low in chlorides which makes it suitable for chloride-sensitive crops. It is suitable for use either as a straight product or in blends and compound fertilisers.

ICL PotashpluS, is specially formulated using potash and Polysulphate. With a higher % of potash (37% K20) PotashpluS can provide all of the potash and sulphate needs of most crops in a single application. It also benefits from having magnesium and calcium. It is ideally balanced for arable, horticultural and grassland crops. Trace elements such as boron are also present as in Polysulphate.

“The past year’s crop results have proved this to be an ideal combination of nutrients,” says Scott Garnett, ICL UK’s agronomist. “Potassium aids photosynthesis and drives yields in many crops. Magnesium’s role in photosynthesis is well-known and is important for root development.

“Calcium is less well recognised in the UK, but it plays an important role in the growing tips of plants and Sulphur has become increasingly important as deposition from the atmosphere, from industrial emissions, has reduced over the past 30 years or more.”

ICL PKpluS is another Polysulphate containing fertiliser. PkpluS is a premium granulated compound PK fertiliser containing five nutrients: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and calcium in a single application. PkpluS formulations can be tailor made to crop or soil needs and the products benefit from the extended nutrient characteristics of Polysulphate. Farmers who opt for PkpluS can effectively apply all of their non-Nitrogen fertilisers needs in one single application.

“PotashpluS, PKpluS and Polysulphate now give farmers a different choice of applying sulphur other than through traditionally nitrogen-based products which run the risk of creating ammonia emissions, acidifying soils and adding to the global carbon footprint,” says Scott. “The prolonged release rate of the sulphate in our product benefits the crop and is more aligned to its needs during growth. This makes it a very efficient fertiliser and one that reduces the risk of losses through leaching. Our products will suit all soil


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