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FERA is digging deeper into the soil health of the nation to find out how microbial biodiversity can improve crop health and increase farmers’ yields!

With the launch of the Big Soil Community, Fera is taking a novel approach to the way one of the big challenges to sustainable agriculture is overcome.

Launched at Cereals 2018, farmers were invited to sign up to the initiative so that by September sampling can begin. Individual and summary reports are being supplied in December and a full publication of results in January.

The aim of the Big Soil Community is to coordinate the sampling and analysis of soil bacteria and fungi from across a wide range of farms. This collective activity provides a rich benchmark of how these biological populations change across different farming systems.

Get in depth information on the microbiology in your soil, including key functional species, levels of target pathogens, the proportion and relative uniqueness of your biota. Click here to view the Big Soil Community demo analytical report each participant will receive.

Growers will be able to use the information from the Big Soil Community to review the impact that soil biological diversity has on the productivity, sustainability and resilience of their system.

FERA is encouraging people to be part of the first large scale baseline record of soil biology to ensure that in the future farmers will be able to assess the impact of management interventions.

Secure your sampling kit and analysis slot today. The more people that join before 30th September 2018, the lower the cost per sample. Click here to take part


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