Fungicide performance information sheets revised and online


The popular fungicide activity and performance sheets for wheat and barley have been updated by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

The publications are based on the latest information from AHDB fungicide performance trials and other research projects which target specific diseases.

Indicative activity ratings, for a range of active ingredients against a wide range of diseases, are displayed in easy-to-use look-up tables.

The publications also include a list of active ingredients for disease control, fungicide dose-response curves (protectant and eradicant data) and information on diseases controlled by seed treatments (according to product labels).

It is recommended that the annually updated information sheets are used alongside AHDB’s disease management guides for wheat and barley.

The Wheat disease management guide can be used to help secure investment in a green canopy so it pays back during grain filling.

The Barley disease management guide can be used to maximise grain numbers by protecting tillering and ear formation.

The full suite of AHDB disease management publications should be used to help growers match fungicides to the primary disease risk, which depends mainly on variety, sowing date, location and local weather.

By following the guidance, growers will also be in a stronger position to manage the significant threat that resistance poses to the performance of fungicides.

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