Lemken to announce venture into single-seed drilling market at Agritechnica


Lemken, the agricultural machinery specialist, has announced its venture into single-seed drilling as the company launches the pre-production Azurit, which features the “DeltaRow” placement system.

The DeltaRow system has two staggered twin rows spaced 12.5 cm apart. This gives individual plants 70% more surface area for growth and ensures better access to water and nutrients. The Azurit allows maize, soya beans, sunflowers and rapeseed to be sown with precision at forward speeds of up to 15 km/h.

The process begins with two residue wheels clearing harvest residue and stones. A fertiliser coulter then places a fertiliser band precisely in the middle between the twin rows, and a trailing trapeze packer roller closes the fertiliser groove. The trapeze rings pre-consolidate the

Seeds are conveyed to the singling units “on demand” from a central seed hopper. The singling unit comprises two synchronised perforated discs, which distribute seeds alternately onto the two double disc coulters of the DeltaRow seeding unit. The coulters, which are guided by a depth control wheel installed centrally between them, place the seeds precisely in the pre-consolidated furrows. The twin seed rows are then closed by a V-shaped pressure roller.
Individual DeltaRow twin rows can be switched off to create tramlines, with the ability to adjust application rates flexibly to ensure that plant populations per hectare remain constant. The Azurit allows rows to be spaced with up to 87.5 cm centres, and the distance between the seeding units can be adjusted down to 37.5 cm.

The use of two synchronised perforated discs results in each disc singling only every other seed, which keeps the diameter narrow and thus minimises circumferential speed. The time interval for the singling process is sufficiently large to achieve substantial qualitative improvements in longitudinal distribution and double seeding.


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