GPS guidance for grassland farms


A Belfast company has launched a new app-based GPS guidance system to help busy farmers be more efficient when it comes fertiliser spreading or pesticide spraying to stop overlaps and missed areas.

Sixty-5 Technologies claims savings of up to 13% on fertiliser cost are possible by using the system.

With the tractor GPS coverage mapping feature, Sixy-5 say you can see where you’ve been and where you need to drive with the virtual field markers. The app-based system works via a single-band receiver on the roof. Once the tractor operator enters the implement width you just press a button and the software takes over.

Grass-Guide displays the coverage map, guidelines and predicted direction for the operator to follow, eliminating the need for either A-B lines or a light-bar.
The system is built on an Android platform and is supplied with a seven-inch Samsung tablet.

Sixty 5 Technologies


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