Grange Machinery tackles blackgrass


Grange Machinery will be promoting its new low disturbance toolbar at Cereals. The Yorkshire based company believes this new subsoiler has the versatility to enhance existing machines with a deeper working element to cultivators and drills.

The toolbar can be used in conjunction with a trailed machine or as a standalone agricultural implement to loosen headlands or tramlines before fieldwork.

“Getting on top of black-grass has driven our decision to launch our low-disturbance toolbar” stated Richard Beadle, farmer of 500 acres in Yorkshire and co-director of Grange Machinery.

Machines come in widths of 3m, 4m or 6m with six, eight or twelve legs. The discs cut in front to minimise surface disturbance and leg centre spacings can range from 0.5m to 0.6m, with the outer set sliding into the frame for transport. This system works especially well to improve black grass control.

“Our shallow working subsoil equipment gives current cultivation and drilling systems more versatility and flexibility in different crop establishment processes in the varying soil types and ground conditions that farmers face. Our soil loosening toolbars improve the soil structure and lower the cost of establishment, resulting in both healthier margins and increased profit for your business.” Commented Rhun Jones, director of Grange Machinery

Working depth can be adjusted hydraulically and the legs are tripped with either shearbolt or auto-reset protection. Hydraulic power is supplied to the back of the toolbar and as the machine is designed primarily for use with trailed implements, there’s a choice of rear hitches and linkage options available to pull a range of implements.

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