Halse debut Ovlac’s Semi Mounted Plough Range at LAMMA


Halse South West will debut Ovlac’s semi mounted plough range at this year’s Lamma Show later this month.

Mouldboard Ploughs have been Ovlac’s flagship product for more than 80years and Halse has distributed Olav ploughs over five continents, and the largest plough manufacturer in Spain.

“We have been very pleased with the steady growth in sales with the mounted range this year and are excited to expand Ovlac’s Product range with the introduction of the Semi mounted Plough range into the UK. Ovlac has great experience in manufacturing reversible semi mounted ploughs for different markets and working environments,” said Nick Clark from Halse.

Reversible semimounted ploughs, on-Land and in-furrow, mono wheel reversible semi mounted ploughs up to 9 bodies, point to point clearance of 105cm, with the choice of 72,78 and 90cm underbeam offer excellent trash clearance.

The biggest of its class. One-wheel reversible semi mounted ploughs with three different protection systems to choose from, sear bolt, leaf spring and hydraulic. All of them can also be specified with either hydraulically adjustable working width, or manually adjustable working width in 4 positions. Depth and first body width can also be hydraulically adjusted. electro-valves are also an option.

Featured throughout Ovlac’s plough range are the 8mm case hardened mouldboards. The case hardening process gives the mouldboard increased strength and extended life. The number ‘56’ wide tyre mouldboard has been the popular choice on the mounted plough range and we are expecting the same on the semi mounted range, where a 710mm wide tyre fits comfortably when ploughing in furrow with excellent inversion. Double mouldboard support stays are fitted as standard due to the board’s length. A variety of other mouldboard’s are available to suit soil conditions including plastic and slatted.

Hardness is what gives Hardox its wear resistance and structural strength. Hardness minimizes wear since it is difficult for the ‘edges’ to be penetrated, and strength means you can minimize weight. Hardox has excellent machining properties, regardless of the method of factory production cutting welding. Hardox remains uniform thickness to narrow tolerance. Flatness being another key feature of Hardox, with flatness means straight which is why Ovlac chose to use Hardox for production of Ploughs and cultivation machinery.

A range of shallow semi mounted ploughs is available for those who wish to plough at 4-6 inches, going up to 13 furrows and 5m (16ft4!) working width. High work rates with low horse power are achievable.



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