Halse in action at Tillage-Live


Halse will have the Ovlac AV200 5 Furrow (Auto Reset Hydraulic Vari –Width) plough and Versatill stubble cultivator in action on its working demo plot at Tillage-Live.

The Ovlac AV200 benefits from its wheel design, as it transfers the weight closer to the tractor; enabling ploughing of more ground closer to field boundaries. Halse says it gets the best draft response from having a depth wheel at the end of the plough, and customers have the choice of both options.

The advance wheel offers compromise with the outside of the depth wheel which is significantly closer to the last landside. The plough also features 78cm under beam clearance, solid hardox legs and self-aligning headstock.

The Versatill stubble cultivator 3m version is suitable for high speed seed bed preparation, and has a working depth range from 5 to 35cm. There are 10 tines in three rows with 30cm spacing and a mixing/levelling disc complete with a non-block reconsolidation roller. It’s available in Rigid up to 3.5m and folding models up to 5m, trailed kits are also available.

Fitted at the rear is a spring roller which has self-cleaning and reconsolidation features. Tungsten Carbide tines come as standard as do HEL Hardox steel legs. Halse claim the Versatill is an extremely strong maintenance free seed bed cultivator.

This year’s Tillage-Live takes place on Wednesday 14th September at Monks Kirby, Rugby Warwickshire.

Full details of the event can be found at www.tillage-live.uk.com including details of pre-registering where the cost of entry is £7.50 per car. If you are organising a mini bus or coach, then please contact the organisers on 0845 4900 to arrange entry to the venue.



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