Halse South west to debut Ovlac’s Semi Mounted plough range at LAMMA


“We have been very pleased with the steady growth in sales with the mounted range this year and are excited to expand Ovlac’s Product range with the introduction of the Semi mounted Plough range into the UK., which will make its debut at LAMMA,” said Nick Clark from Halse.

The reversible semi mounted series includes models of up to 9 bodies. Depending on the working needs, three security systems –Shear bolt ,leaf spring auto reset , and hydraulic auto reset ,can be selected.

All of them can also fit either hydraulically adjustable working width, or manually adjustable working width in 4 positions.

The depth adjustment as well as the first body width can always be hydraulically adjusted. Electro-valves are also an option.

Wide choices of moldboards are available to suit soil conditions and tractor specification. The No 56 8mm case hardened board has been a popular choice on the mounted range where a 710 wide tire fits comfortably when ploughing in furrow with excellent inversion. This board along with a slatted board and other options are available to suit soil conditions.

As with all Ovlac machinery Swedish and German Hel (Hardox) steel is extensively used in construction for longevity and strength.

A range of shallow semi mounted ploughs is available for those who wishing to plough at 4-6inchs .



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