Harvest monster rolls off the production line in Kansas USA


The entire team at Tribine Harvester, LLC is celebrating as the first all new Tribine’s have left the final assembly area at the factory in Newton, Kansas, USA.

Tribine is the first fundamentally new harvester concept since the second world war and is designed to help farmers operate in a more productive and efficient way.

“The Future of Harvesting’ is Now”, explained Ben Dillon, the President of Tribine Harvester. The Tribine performs all of the functions of a combine, only better and faster. Incorporating a 1,000-bushel grain bin, it can eliminate the need for a grain cart and tractor running parallel with the combine.”

Reducing compaction is also a key benefit. Four aligned low ground pressure tyres, with centre articulation and pivoting rear axle, ensures that the Tribine leaves only one trail. Other machines use up to six tyres of varying widths and spacing, creating multiple paths and more compaction of the soil.

According to Bob Matousek, Tribine’s Vice President of Engineering, a significant efficiency improvement is the world’s largest threshing and cleaning system, providing up to twice the cleaning area of any other harvesting machine. “The capacity and crop throughput rate is of major importance to producers. Tribine’s solution to this is a large diameter rotor with 270° concave wrap, which feeds a cleaning system of considerable width utilizing an advanced pneumatic cleaning method. This results in a superior balance of separation and cleaning capacity.”

Speed of harvesting is improved by the ability to unload the 1,000-bushel grain tank in less than 2 minutes and the 500 gallon fuel tank capacity enables 24 hours of continuous operation.

While it is new to the market today, the inventor, farmer, and company President, Ben Dillon has been working on this concept for nearly 20 years, and developed four generations of machines before going into production with the machine that is now known as the Tribine.

In January 2015, he assembled a group of engineers, all of whom have experience in designing and manufacturing combines for other OEM’s, establishing Tribine Harvester, LLC in Newton, Kansas.  As Dillon admits, “It took me twenty years to get here, perhaps I am just a slow learner”.



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