High-horse-power tractor technology now also available for the ARION 400 model range


Tractors in the CLAAS ARION 400 model range are now available with Hexashift transmission, CSM headland management and telematics.

The ARION 400 models power range is from 90 to 140 HP and now with the expanded variety of configurations, farmers will be able to undertake tasks such as soil cultivation, forage work, transport or using a front loader.

The HEXASHIFT transmission can be used on the road at a lower engine rpm with four automated ranges and six power-shift stages. This means less driving noise for the driver and a lower diesel consumption. The six power-shift stages allow for a large gear overlap, so that the optimum rpm and driving speed can be selected for each application. All 24 gears can be changed using the multifunctional lever, without having to use the clutch pedal. The driver also has the option to completely leave the tractor to automatically change gear by selecting the HEXACTIV power-shift mode.

Another newly released option for the ARION 400 model range is the CSM headland management system, which is available with CIS colour display. Several tractor functions can be saved as operating sequences with this system, such as electronic control units, power lift, engine rpm and p.t.o. shaft. The operation is very simple and relieves the workload on the driver, especially when it comes to complex driving manoeuvres, which usually require numerous operating steps. A total of 4 headland sequences with up to 200 steps can be saved, which can be activated using the CSM operating panel in the right side console or the multifunction lever.

The CLAAS Telematics system is another feature present in CLAAS high-horsepower tractors and harvesting machines that is now available for ARION 400 tractors.

Telematics records all the central machine data and positions for each application. Ongoing work can be monitored and optimised via remote diagnostics. Another advantage is the automatic, field-by-field documentation of all data, which can be exported directly into a field record. It is also possible to compare all machine applications over longer periods and to further optimise all tractor work using the data history.



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