Horsch’s Avatar SD drill heads the product line-up at Cereals


Horsch’s Avatar SD direct seed drill with single disc coulter is heading up Horsch’s product line-up at Cereals.

“The Avatar SD is an innovative new direct drill with discs instead of tines for heavier soils,” explains Stephen Burcham, General Manager at Horsch UK.

The Avatar SD is the new entry into the direct seeding with discs sector rather than the tine seed drills currently available. Available in 6m, 8m and 12m working widths, its high tare weight and up to 220 kg coulter pressure makes it ideal for direct seeding. The strong coulter frame eliminates sideways movement, which ensures that the coulter keeps to the set sowing depth even on uneven soils. A press wheel then closes the seed furrow and consolidates the seed row. Despite the necessary high weight, the horsepower requirement is low as the SingleDisc coulters are arranged in two bars.

The Avatar SD benefits from experience gained in developing the Pronto drill applied to a modern direct seed drill. Depth control of the coulters is carried out via a larger and stronger version of the Pronto’s well-proven rubber suspension due to the high coulter pressure. The row spacing is 16.7cm on 6m and 8m models and 25cm on the 12m version. Control and monitoring of the machine is carried out via a standard ISOBUS terminal.



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