Hydraulically-actuated offset slide for Catros compact disc harrows


Amazone’s Catros/Catros+ 3001 and 3501 compact disc harrows are equipped with a slide mechanism to adjust the offset of the disc rows as standard. This slide is used to adjust the optimum offset between the first and the second disc row. With the non-folding models, it is also used to change between the transport and work positions.

The benefit on the Catros/Catros+ 3001 and 3501 is there is no side disc that needs to be folded in by hand. The actuation of the slide is normally carried out with the aid of the ground resistance where the machine has to be lowered onto the ground and moved to and fro for a short distance.

To further simplify this adjustment, Amazone now also offers a hydraulic actuation of the slide; allowing the driver to set the offset of the discs via a tractor hydraulic valve and thus to change very simply between transport and work positions.

Amazone offers the hydraulic actuation system as a factory fitted special option for all new Catros/Catros+ 3001 and 3501 compact disc harrows.



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