J C Machinery exhibiting Vredo 3m Agri Air Overseeder at LAMMA



JC Machinery will be exhibiting the Vredo 3m Agri Air Overseeder which now comes with the same large pneumatic seed hopper.

The Agri Air is a range of Overseeders ideal for smaller pastures with slopes or undulating terrain as they provide excellent stability and manoeuvrability.

The Agri Air features a pneumatic hopper which channels the seed directly to the cam wheel and changing seed types and resetting the reliable calibration is done extremely quickly.

The combination of a doubling of the seed capacity (now 450 litres instead of 220 litres) together with the hydraulically driven fan (instead of the solid electrically driven fan on the 220 litre hopper),enables the Air to handle other seed types, such as rye or barley which are increasingly sown as green manure in existing grass or stubble.

Also on display will be a 4.4m Vredo Agri Twin overseeder which like the Agri-Air is equipped with the Dual-Disc System which delivers a germination rate of 96%. The pairs of discs guide seed into a V-shaped slit in to the sward, whatever the soil conditions – clay, peat, loam or sand, wet or dry.

The seed is covered with soil to protect it from external predators and extreme weather conditions allowing for a quick germination and deep rooting of the injected seed.




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