JC Machinery introduces the Imants 57 Series revolution spader


Following the success of the Series 47 Spader, JC Machinery introduces the Imants 57 Series Revolution, an effective alternative for ploughing, cultivation, incorporation, main tillage and seed-bed preparation in a single pass.

The well-known advantages of Imants Spaders such as mixing the soil thoroughly and breaking through the plough pan for decompaction are achieved even more efficiently with the larger 57 Series covering up to 2.5 hectares per hour, claim JC Machinery.

Its large power driven rotary tiller placed behind the spade shaft ensures the seed bed is flat and evenly formed; an essential requirement for successful seed germination. The machine is available in working widths of 3.00m and 4.50 metres. The 3.00m width model is proving very popular with an ideal working speed of 9.0 km/h which allows 2.5 hectares per hour to be the rule rather than the exception.

The 57 Series is equipped with a heavy duty PTO powered rotary tiller action with camshaft controller which reduces the chance of wheel slip or smearing. The large diameter of the spade shaft improves drainage, water movement and the flow of nutrients in the soil as well as decompacting and aerating the soil for maximum root development.



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