JC Machinery launch the new Imants 135 deep spading machine in the UK


JC Machinery has announced the addition of Imants flagship deep spading machine, the 135 to their range of agriculture machines.

The creation and manufacturing of the 135 marks a new highpoint in the 130-year history of Imants. The 135 completes the range of deep spading machines.

There is a model for every power class, soil type and working depth. If necessary, machines can be tailor-made to suit the customer. This ensures that JC Machinery can provide its network of customers with unique products for agriculture, horticulture and landscaping.

The Imants 135 spader can reach a depth of 1.35m with a spade shaft diameter of 2.7m, making it the ideal machine to till the soil, break up obstructive layers and, if desired, mix different soil layers. This allows you to strip or enrich the soil.

It is generally used for special projects such as soil decontamination and re-cultivation, or prior to planting perennial crops of vegetables, trees or fruit, for example. A suitable tractor between 250 and 400 HP is required, depending on the working depth to operate the apparatus.

Deep spading machines are therefore manufactured for a different purpose than the ones used for annual horticultural or agricultural usage.

Because of market demand, the latest spader is now now state of the art and the standard bearer for Imants excellence. It is seen throughout the world as a unique machine that despite its huge size, is still convenient to transport on the road because it is no more than 3m wide.

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