Kongskilde launches new plough body for difficult soil and high hp tractors



The XLD plough body from Kongskilde is a new generation of plough bodies designed for high-HP tractors and difficult soils. One size larger than the company’s existing XL plough, the XLD works up to a depth of 35cm and is suitable for tractors with tyres up to 710mm. Designed for furrow widths from 40 to 55cm Kongskilde claim the extra 5cm increase in average furrow width improves productivity by up to 10%.

With the new, patented helical designed XLD body, the soil is completely turned even in heavy clay to cover all crop residues. Furthermore, the design includes a lowered point in order to minimize any resistance and for an optimal flow across the mould board – important when managing weeds, creating the optimal seedbed and minimizing the spread of diseases.

It also comes with well-known features such as a broken furrow bottom and low energy consumption. It has a working speed of 8 km/h for high productivity and comes with easy to change wearing parts and all new Kongskilde ploughs can be equipped with the new XLD plough body.


“We have a strong belief that the XLD plough will set the standard, when it comes to both wide and deep ploughing and the lowest power demand in the market, says Morten Wittrock Brandt, Group Product Manager, Kongskilde Industries. We have great expectations regarding the sales of the new plough – especially in important markets such as Germany, France and Holland.”


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