Kuhn will be showing its new Espro min tillage seed drill at the 2016 Doe Show


Kuhn’s recently launched Espro, a 6 metre minimum tillage drill which can be pulled by a 200 hp tractor, will be on display at the 2016 Doe Show from 2nd to 4th February at Ulting near Maldon in Essex.
Duncan McLeish, UK Sales Manager for Kuhn Farm Machinery explains that forward operating speed is a key priority when drilling new crops and that the Espro enables increased productivity without the loss of seeding accuracy. “The ability to drill quickly is vital to ensure that crops are sown when soil conditions are at their best,” he said. “But this speed should never be at the expense of drilling accuracy. Nor should it compromise overall operational efficiency, which means horsepower requirements should also be a consideration.”

The Espro uses two rows of 460mm concave discs to open the soil, incorporate all residues into the surface layers and create a fine tilth, even in heavy conditions. These discs are followed, in the centre of the drill, by a row of 900mm diameter press wheels which create an evenly consolidated soil profile for consistent soil-to-seed contact.

The large diameter of the press wheel helps to reduce the overall rolling resistance of the Espro, with the deep-treaded tyres also augmenting improved soil crumbling for a finer tilth. The tyres also feature a specially designed square profile to ensure uniform consolidation across the machine’s full working width. The press wheels are also arranged in a front-to-rear offset design to further reduce rolling resistance, with 85mm inter-wheel spaces helping to minimise soil bulldozing and maintain good soil flow.

The Espro uses Kuhn’s Crossflex seed bar and double disc Seedflex coulters for precise seed placement and uses a headland management mode to automatically lift the machine’s working elements in sequence on approaching headlands to allow drilling to continue right up to the field edge.

Additional options include track eradicators, front press wheels, pre-emergence markers and hydraulic or pneumatic brake systems.




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