Landmark Systems launch new crop recording software at LAMMA


Landmark Systems has launched Geofolia, a simple time-saving crop recording solution for farmers, at LAMMA.

Nigel Parsons, MD of Landmark, said: “This proven product was developed by our parent company Isagri, Geofolia is already used on over 7500 sites with 4000 clients choosing the cloud solution, and is therefore an ideal choice for farmers who prefer to spend their time in the field rather than in the office”.

Access on the move comes via an App meaning that Geofolia is available for both the operator in the field and manager in the office on PC. Pesticide and fertiliser applications may be entered either as a planned task before application to produce an action plan for the operator, or when the task is completed. The pesticide database included within Geofolia for use in the UK maintains a list of active ingredients and will warn of any potential misapplications.

Mapping is an integral part of Geofolia and is included as standard, allowing the user to choose whether they view the records in a conventional table or from the farm map, this seamless interface is unique to Geofolia and is easy to use. The integral mapping has further benefits for example for farmers wanting to identify, split and measure fields and calculate buffer zone areas.

Keith Morris, Head of Sales at Landmark added: “We are excited about giving farmers a greater choice in the marketplace. Geofolia is suitable for a novice or experienced user as the easy to use software has plenty of tool tips and speed of access to data features. Recording all the statutory information required simply on an uncluttered screen, with the added flexibility of access from anywhere with signal, has to be good news.”

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