More launches announced for packed LAMMA show


A flurry of announcements regarding further launches of machinery and equipment at the upcoming LAMMA show have been released in recent days, adding to the already impressive list of kit making its debut at the event.


Weaving will be unveiling its new 6m version of the no-till Weaving GD Drill. The GD6001T is a compact version of the GD8000T launched last summer and is designed to preserve soil structure and aids crop establishment. The drill is designed for zero-tillage systems but works within conventional cultivation systems.

Ukrainian manufacturer Lozova machinery is making its LAMMA debut, presenting the Ducat-6 disc harrow with working width of 6 m and cage roller. Depending on soil type and farming conditions harrows may be equipped with changeable rollers.


Avant Tecno (UK) is introducing the E6 fully electric loaders to LAMMA. The E6 machines are the first lithium battery-powered 4WD articulated compact loaders and said to be ideal where zero emissions and low noise are required, such as working in confined areas, near to people, animals and plants.


Knight Farm Machinery is introducing a new model to its 1800 self-propelled range, which includes a number of equipment upgrades plus the option of a lower positioned cab, reducing the centre of gravity of the machine and allowing a greater range of booms with the machine.

Knight is also introducing a number of new features and designs in its Trailblazer II range of sprayers that will simplify the machine’s plumbing and help operators achieve optimum spraying performance and compliance with environmental regulations.


Fully noise-insulated irrigation pump sets for water abstraction in locations where an exposed diesel engine running for hours on end is likely to cause a disturbance will be added to Bauer’s comprehensive crop irrigation equipment range at the LAMMA show. The mobile pump set design offers a choice of engines and fuel tank sizes, and has an electronic control panel that can be linked to Bauer’s SmartRain remote control system.

Tyres and tracks

Vredestein is launching new sizes in its VF Traxion Optimall series. This next-generation Very High Flexion (VF) tyre enables a low inflation pressure, making it ideal for high-horsepower tractors in field jobs where traction or soil compaction are critical. In addition, new sizes to the Traxion Versa and the Endurion ranges will be shown.

New entrant to the agricultural rubber track market, Global Track Warehouse (GTW) is at LAMMA. The company, which has more than 20 years’ experience in the industrial market, uses premium rubber compounds that extend track life. The wide and deep tread lug design offers increased traction and better mud release while decreasing track cutting, ground disturbance and vibrations.


Sencrop is launching a connected weather station that collects real-time, field-specific data such as air temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind speed, enabling users to optimise field operations, irrigation and crop inputs. Information is transmitted directly to a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Herdwatch is introducing the Farm Medicine Scanner, which simplifies the recording of animal medicines and associated assurance paperwork. A smart Barcode scanner in the Herdwatch app recognises a barcode and identifies what medicine it belongs to, as well as the corresponding VMD.

LAMMA ’19, supported by headline sponsor AFP, takes place on Tuesday 8th January and Wednesday 9th January 2019.

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