Learn how to get your invention to a finished product at this years’ IAgrE Conference – ‘Concepts to Cash’


Being an inventor is one thing but having the ability to fund your idea through development and manufacture is something else and the theme of this year’s IAgrE conference which takes place on Wednesday 16 November at Harper Adams University.

The conference is designed to deal with the challenge of ensuring your new idea stays with you and is not stolen, how you can work with others openly and yet retain intellectual property, what challenges you will need to consider and where to find funding.

Delegates will also be able to listen to experts in research and development, copyrighting, intellectual property and patents who have dealt with these issues.

A round table discussion with four experienced innovators led by Andy Newbold of Farm Smart Events will debate the lessons and pitfalls to be addressed and overcome. The panel consists of
Toby Mottram, founder and chief engineer of eCow, Brian Knight, CEO and Chief Engineer, Knight Farm Machinery, John Baines, technical director of Fullwood and Richard Robinson founder of Autoguide Equipment.

Finally, there will be a round-up of recent case studies from HAU, SRUC and Cranfield on research council funded innovations which are at the point of moving mainstream. These will be announced over the summer.

So whether you are a technologist or inventor, senior engineer, designer, technical specialist or student, graduate, consultant, analyst, venture capitalist or just interested in innovation, this conference is for you.

Delegate rate is £120 + vat, early bird booking is £100 + vat, student rate of £20 + vat and retired rate is £75 + vat.



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