Lemken opens new training farm


Lemken set up an Agro Training department in 2008, a stone’s throw from the company’s headquarters in Alpen. The training centre was set up in response to Lemken’s market growth and increasing use of sophisticated technology of its range of products. Headed by Peter Baumgärtner, the department now employs six trainers, who annually train around 5,000 employees and sales partners.

The company has invested over EUR5 million in the AgroFarm which they believe will support the company’s aim of opening up new and future market opportunities. The training hall covers an area of 1,400 m² with separate sections for Ploughs, Stubble Cultivation, Sowing and Crop Protection. Situated adjacent to fields it is an excellent venue to promote and demonstrate the Lemken range.

The centre has modern seminar rooms, some of which offer direct views of the main hall and trainers are able to instruct up to four groups concurrently in the facility.

All of the training units delivered comprise of three modules: Participants are trained in theoretical background knowledge, followed by practical exercises using the implements in the hall before they are finally given an opportunity to test and practice on machines outside in the field.

The programme extends from training on fundamentals and technology for sales staff and employees through to specialised training for dealer service staff and Lemken’s after sales staff from over 50 countries.



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