Light weights from Pottinger


Pottinger Vitasem drills are quickly and easily fitted to, and removed from, the soil preparation implement. In the field the weight of the seed drill acts directly on the rear roller which means the power harrow remains free-moving. A hydraulic cylinder is also available to lift the seed drill further forwards up over the tillage implement. This achieves an ideal centre of gravity in relation to the tractor and the machines can work right up to the edge of the field.

In combination with their low weight and a 360 litre seed tank on the latest Vitasem 252 A and a 450 litre seed tank on the 302 A Classic are ideally suited for operation with small tractors.

Both models feature a row spacing of 12.5 cm and an inter coulter rail spacing of 30 cm, which is ideal for optimum plant distribution and at the same time forms the basis for a high-yield harvest.




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