Manterra launched new strip till equipment at Cereals


Cereals 2016 saw the launch of Manterra’s new strip till equipment and the latest in precision farming equipment.
Manterra Ltd also used the event to launch the Baertschi OekoSem IV ROTOR-Strip-Till three in one tillage, sowing and fertiliser system that is built to withstand Northern European conditions.
Manterra founder, farmer and agronomist Andrew Manfield said: “I have high hopes for the Baertschi OekoSem IV ROTOR-Strip-Till System. It has been proven in Europe for 25 years and has delivered consistently higher yields and lower production costs. The system also has great synergy with the work that we are doing on wide row spraying technology and complements our Unia and Trimble ranges.”
Manterra also exhibited the GeoPlough system fitted to a Unia Vario plough.  GeoPlough controls variable width ploughs using Trimble GPS signals to give great matched bouts and weed burial.



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