Maschio boosts horsepower across its range


New generation HD gearboxes are now fitted as standard to the Maschio ORSO, TORO and JUMBO range of power harrows.

‘As tractor horsepower continues to increase on our customer’s farms, Maschio has developed a new series of machines with gearboxes large enough to cope with the challenge,’ explained David Day, Maschio Product Manager. ‘The new gearboxes have double the oil capacity, strengthened parts and increased cooling capacity making them capable of smoothly transferring the extra horsepower, whilst increasing the longevity of our machines.’

New heavy duty bevel gears have been installed in the gearboxes, with 85mm shaft diameters, increasing their width by 5mm, making them stronger and more resilient.
To keep the machines running smoothly, a forced oil recycling system has been fitted with twin holes at the top of the gearbox, increasing oil flow to where it’s needed. The new gearboxes use synthetic oil and have a glass oil plug for ease of checking oil levels. Double drain plugs for gearbox oil also make maintenance an easier task.

Any extra heat generated is easily dissipated by 300mm (33% larger) cooling fans and enhanced ventilation, with outer fins fitted to increase surface area and radiate heat to keep the gearbox cooler.

The new gearboxes have undergone intense testing in the Italian market and they have been put under close scrutiny in the UK to ensure they can handle even the toughest ground conditions and long working hours.

Another new feature on the power harrows is welded blade support, alongside strengthened, wear-resistant 16mm thick, tungsten-coated blades which are capable of a working depth of 28cm. Maschio’s well-proven ‘Rapido’ tine system then ensures that when the blades do need replacing it’s a simple and rapid task.

The Maschio power harrows are now available in a range of models from 30 horsepower to 550 horsepower, with widths from 1.3m to 8m.
Horsepower has specifically increased to 300Hp in the ORSO, 400Hp in the TORO and a mighty 550Hp in the JUMBO range.



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