McCormick X7 VT drive with CVT at LAMMA 2016


A simple to use continuously variable ‘CVT’ or ‘vario’ transmission features in new additions to the McCormick X7 Series

The McCormick X7 VT Drive tractors build on the success of the Pro Drive semi-powershift models that farmers and contractors first started using last year. The 24×24 speed Pro Drive transmission with its manual or auto shifting through ranges and speeds is a smooth operator – but VT Drive takes operator comfort, speed control and powertrain efficiency to another level claim McCormick.

“There will always be operators perfectly content with a powershift transmission, especially one like the McCormick Pro Drive that provides push-button control, adjustable shift response to suit different situations and a number of automated features,” says Paul Wade, product specialist.

“But VT Drive provides a premium experience, with speed adjustment available to the finest degree for any task, and selectable modes that automatically get the best from the tractor in terms of power, performance and fuel economy.”

Five McCormick X7 VT Drive models are now available – a trio of four-cylinder tractors with peak outputs of 136hp to 166hp for draft work and up to 175hp for pto-driven implements and road transport, and a pair of six-cylinder machines with 171/181hp and 180/194hp outputs.

They are practically identical to their Pro Drive counterparts but use ZF’s latest continuously variable Terramatic transmission.  The transmission and engine are controlled as a single entity by purpose-designed control software developed by McCormick manufacturer Argo Tractors to provide a full suite of operating modes and settings to suit different field work and road transport situations.

“As with the Pro Drive transmission, a clear objective was to make the new VT Drive system easy and intuitive to use while still providing the features that make CVT so attractive,” says Paul Wade. “A driver new to this type of transmission can jump in the seat and drive away safely and confidently with just a few minutes’ instruction; but time spent in the seat will be rewarded by an understanding of the more sophisticated features that make the most of the new transmission.”

McCormick X7 VT Drive tractors come as standard with a seat-mounted control console and one of the biggest touch-screen terminals available. The 12in colour display of the Data Screen Manager complements the information shown on the tractor’s instrument panel and provides an easily navigated set of screens for various transmission, engine, pto and hydraulic functions.

As an option, it can be configured for monitoring and control of implements equipped with ISOBUS electronics and the tractors can also operate with integrated satellite guided steering for maximum productivity and driving ease.



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